Wheelhouse day 2 6644.jpg


Create a space including a candy bar, a local restaurant, a downstairs speakeasy, and a cozy rooftop to take in the views of the Windy City that feels at once new, but like it’s always been there. Design for the property’s neighbors as much as for its guests. Represent this special corner of Chicago in both an authentic and new way.


In order to serve diverse audiences with overlapping interests, we ensured that the space seamlessly fit into its immediate surroundings, while offering a playful beacon of respite in a neighborhood known for revelry. Original brick and stone building elements are highlighted while layered against unexpected objects and bright, painted paneling. Old school, traditional features are referenced throughout but always with a twist such as found objects and whimsical, floating art installations.


The design of The Wheelhouse Hotel is a reflection of the evolving neighborhood. It is rooted in history, with an eye towards the future and an ever present atmosphere of playful celebration. It feels familiar, yet unexplored; casual, yet sophisticated.