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Curioso is an assemblage of architects, interior designers, artists and business-minded thinkers (and tinkerers) working in unison to design meaningful experiences.

Born in 2013, Curioso is led by Co-founders Nina Grondin and Daniel Pierce. With nearly 30 years of design experience between them, they are joined by a team of 20 talented, collaborative and curious experts.

With dual studios based in Chicago and Merida, Mexico, Curioso helps companies aroung the world to create unique brand experiences and reinvent existing ones. We work alongside our clients to tackle ambitious design and innovation challenges; the kind of things you don’t know how to face but can’t afford not to.

We understand that the secret to doing this is not simply having the great idea or the creative vision. It’s about having the right people at the table and working in a highly flexible and collaborative manner to get things done.



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Daniel Pierce

Daniel Pierce leads with a focus on diving deep with teams as they design solutions and create high impact experiences for each project that comes through the studio. Dan’s global design perspective developed as he launched his career in Mexico City, eventually leading the design of hotels, restaurants and resorts throughout the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East.

Today, Dan dedicates himself to leading a multi-disciplinary design studio with the aim to create distinctly unique, commercially viable, and functionally attentive experiences for our client teams and their guests.

Nina Grondin

Nina leads Curioso’s Chicago studio, where she focuses on designing meaningful, smart projects that impact the way that humans interact with physical space. Beyond loving to eat, drink, travel and explore, she has more than a decade of hands-on operational and design experience in hospitality. Merged with her background in economics and finance, Nina brings unique insight and knowledge of the industry’s day-to-day business.

Today, Nina’s leadership on concept development and creating powerful brand stories ensures that each project truly responds to the specific challenges presented by the client team, locale, and architecture.

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