We started by ignoring the precedent set by the illegal cannabis industry and designed and conceptualized the entire experience from scratch.

We set out to position Seven Point as a sophisticated and welcoming brand by looking at the project from a position of empathy and service and approached every decision through a hospitality lens.


Start with people. By creating design focused on our shared human experience, whether a guest, a team member, or our owners. We set out to create a space that promotes natural human connection.

We did this by redefining the dispensary experience. For example, regulations state that a patient’s first interaction with a person is a security guard behind bullet proof glass. By simply changing the security guard into a Cannabis Concierge, and seating them behind a low and welcoming desk, under a wide pane of glass, we were able to increase transparency and break down the barriers imposed by the state.

We also encouraged our client to bring back-of-house operations to the front-of-house. Rather than having a large back office, we reallocated the space to a large communal table within the dispensary where the team could work alongside patients perusing the dispensary’s extensive menu. This led to increased productivity for the team, but better yet, a natural setting for the patient to get the help they may need.


The result has surprised even our team. Curioso knew that focusing on hospitality and service would be a winning strategy for our client, but the design of the space has led to results we couldn’t have imagined. Three months after opening, 80% of our client’s team is made up of patients who enjoyed spending time in the space and made such strong connections that they were offered employment.

The brand’s patient growth has far exceeded our client’s expectations and put the business in the black within 12 months. Today, Seven Point has the highest formal valuation of any single dispensary within Illinois.

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