Simply put, the nature of our business is project based. We provide design consultancy on a per project basis. However where we start to feel like our work goes beyond just ‘a project’ is when we see that it has the ability or potential to impact more than just those that directly engage with it.

It’s actually quite like grassroots community building.

The projects that we work on provide jobs and livelihoods for entire families. It allows our clients to do what they love. It allows them to connect with their neighbors. They give people a place to go, to be themselves, to socialize, to forge relationships. These projects, when approached through true collaboration, human insight, and love, have the ability to build community. It wasn’t necessarily where we thought we were going when we started Curioso. But, it’s where we want to be.

We find ourselves now, seeking even greater purpose in our work. That means continually asking how, as a collection of designers creating a body of work, can we make a greater, more meaningful impact.