Curioso approached the story of this hotel as a tale of two countries; adjacent sister cities, one unique culture, a rich history within a desert landscape, and a whole lot of goods and characters constantly moving through the area.


Telling this complex and intricately woven story through design required bold gestures, the layering of materials and the active participation of the local artist community. The hotel’s design and experience fully respects the clean lines of the original building’s 1960s architecture and injects a blend of industrial materials, mid- century modern furnishings, mindful amenities and an eclectic, curated art package. Landscaping with native desert plants happens throughout the property and creates a vibrant oasis on the 5th floor pool deck.


Cormac McCarthy once called El Paso “The last real place in America.” The ownership and the design team succeeded in reflecting just that. A real and authentic hotel experience to represent a truly unique destination.

Pool Deck_DAV.jpg